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An innovative project with products from hemp, La Chanvrière opens the field of possibilities.

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chanvre nos fineschanvre-methanisation-bimasse-energieMainly made up of organic matter (cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin) the carbon chain of our product is valued by organizations who would like to combine it with nitrogenized elements for new applications.

The high absorbency of the fines gives it the drying properties required for cattle bedding: Our Hemp mixes with low drying-level products (sludge, poultry droppings, peat) to ensure the Animal Well-being.

For logistical reasons, hemp fines can be supplied in bulk or compressed into briquettes (briquette slices or “segments”)

The quality of our product is monitored and controlled in the same way as our hemp fibers or hemp shives to guarantee the performance of the applications mentioned above. Our customers can be rest assured of the durability of the product in its presentation and in the stability of its structure.