Our hemp and animal well-being

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Our hemp and animal well-being

LA CHANVRIERE’s farmers understand that they must harvest their hemp straw in the best conditions because they know that most of the hemp shives must meet the expectations of the end users who own animals. They have multiple expectations:

  • Color,
  • Smell,
  • Retention and absorption power,
  • Humidity,
  • Dust level,
  • No seeds,

To meet these requirements, LA CHANVRIERE has efficient equipment to process the straw into QUALITY products.



Le chanvre en France : Culture-Récolte-Applications

Hemp in France: Horse bedding is historically the number one use for LA CHANVRIERE’s hemp shives. First recommended by vets for horses with respiratory problems, the AUBIOSE brand (registered in 1985), became the benchmark and is known for its quality and effectiveness throughout Europe. The end users who have tested the bedding consider that AUBIOSE is the most economical bedding material:

  • Less daily consumption and cost effective,
  • Less time mucking out stables,
  • Less time needed to clean stables.

From the first time our customers test AUBIOSE, they remain loyal to our bedding material. LA CHANVRIERE has a marketing subsidiary in the United Kingdom: and AUBIOSE is sold in most European countries through distributors or wholesalers.




Hemp bedding has been proven for horses and it is also true for other small animals. LA CHANVRIERE was the first company to develop the bedding market for rodents, reptiles and other pets.

Its number one position is recognized for:

  • Regularity and quality of its products,
  • Reactivity in its capacity to supply over the long term.
  • Constant stock

AUBIZOO range is packed in several formats for sales channels and perfectly meets this progressive market’s requirements. The quality of our hemp shiv is a strong argument to keep the loyalty of our European customers. They also ask us to work with their own brands.




poules-litiere-chanvreHemp bedding for animals. Our hemp shiv is also suitable for chickens, turkeys or rabbits, either as bedding in cages or livestock buildings or simply for animal nests.
Our hemp shiv is known for:

  • Its super absorption capacity for odors and droppings.
  • The animal well-being that it provides.
  • Its cost-effective performance, weight gain, healthy condition, mortality and animal foot or hoof conditions.