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Our hemp in the textile industry


chanvre-Filature-MaitreThis is really an old account of when hemp fibers in olden days were used to make clothes and jeans, ropes and canvas sails for boats, and lots of other items. But it is also true that due the rise in the industrial use of cotton, followed by synthetic fibers in Europe, hemp went out of fashion. Users had to turn to importing hemp, particularly from Asia. It is within this context and studying the market potential, that LA CHANVRIERE gambled on producing textile fibers using existing technologies. Currently, the cooperative is conducting several research & development programs. Several leading companies in their respective fields became interested in using their skills and know-how to develop technical solutions to hemp production and processing and to meet their requirements and specifications in:

  • Clothing
  • Furnishings
  • Technical materials.

LA CHANVRIERE has created its CANALIA textile brand for all these applications.

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strategie-entreprise-chanvreIf the technique is based on an exact science, LA CHANVRIERE is aware that this gamble can only be done by mastering the methods for cultivation and harvesting in defined conditions that will echo the control and plant processing over all the yarn processing and production steps. For this reason, potential customers of LA CHANVRIERE expect their suppliers to use the maximum capacity of nature to supply them with an optimal product so that they can make a wide range of yarns for furnishing and clothing fabrics.