Our hemp in the biomass industry

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Our hemp in the biomass industry

Any processing of a natural raw material such as hemp must create “fines”. These hemp fines are mostly composed of organic materials (cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin), with a slight moisture content, and naturally find their way in two directions which eventually converge into energy production.



Methanisation is the first of these paths. Combined with other ingredients from the ‘ration’ of an methanisation plant, our product is appreciated both for its low moisture content and its biomethanation capability, producing more methane per ton of raw material than corn silage. Today, LA CHANVRIERE is involved in supplying this product to industrial methanisation plants or workshops sited in agricultural areas. Their operators have also seen the interest in this product, available throughout the year in a regular flow and constant in quality.

The second path is energy production via the product’s combustion that can only be done by the industrial biomass companies.

 LA CHANVRIERE has efficient equipment for extracting these fines throughout the straw processing operation to supply both these markets, and can market them according to its customer’s specifications, either in bulk or compressed into ‘briquettes’ or smaller ‘galets’.