Our hemp in the plastics industry

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Our hemp in the plastics industry


plasturgieIn 2001 LA CHANVRIERE partnered with the Interval cooperative to create the AFT PLASTURGIE pilot factory, dedicated specifically to developing thermoplastic compounds reinforced with hemp fiber. Mixing a polymer and a natural fiber has a number of technical challenges:

  • Fiber preparation,
  • Matrix cohesion,
  • Laying the fibers into the plastics

In 2007, LA CHANVRIERE partnered with other organizations to create the FRD company (Fiber Research & Development). FRD is the interface between fiber producers and material manufacturers who would like to use natural fibers in their products. FRD has all the required extraction and analysis equipment.



Plasturgie-MaitreSeveral customers have asked LA CHANVRIERE to supply fibers for various applications: Felts or non-woven mats, normally made by layering or needle-punching and generally composed of hemp fibers melt-blended with polymers to manufacture in particular:

  • Car door interiors, trunk linings, rear shelves
  • For cars.
  • Mulching for horticulture

Thermoplastic compounds reinforced with hemp fibers for manufacturing.

By injection for structural parts such as:

  • Vehicle dashboards and door parts
  • Rear-view mirror interiors
  • Vehicle fuel tank caps and in the
  • Electrical appliance industry,

Or by extrusion: decking planks, window profiles.

LA CHANVRIERE is the benchmark company for supplying technical hemp fiber suitable for plastics. Quality controls upstream from agriculture up to the finished product mean that its customers are guaranteed quality over the long term.

Our customers’ specifications naturally become LA CHANVRIERE specifications.