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An innovative project with products from hemp, La Chanvrière opens the field of possibilities.

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Our Fibers


In Aube and neighboring departments, hemp is grown for both seed and straw, which ensures economic stability and sustainability for the farmers.

High quality straw is required to obtain good products. This quality is based on specifications agreed between each member and La Chanvrière, and the five-year agreement is based on:

  • A given tonnage to be delivered to the cooperative every year.
  • Straw color (or degree of retting)
  • Its moisture content
  • Its healthy condition
  • Its cleanliness (no foreign objects or plastic)

These quality objectives determine the transformation of this straw into fibers, shiv and fines.
To meet market requirements, La Chanvrière has several production lines to produce the following types of fibers:

La Chanvrière monitors the quality in all these fiber categories; moisture content, impurity levels, color, fineness, length, by using internal control methods and external analysis equipment.


Our customers’ specifications naturally become LA CHANVRIERE specifications.