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An innovative project with products from hemp, the Chanvrière opens the field of possibilities.

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Le Chanvre de France - Cannabis Sativa L. vulgaris : culture, récolte, applications. Graines de chanvre, ou chènevis : akène d'une taille de 3 à 6mm

Our crops come from hemp seed listed in the European certified seed catalogue, guaranteeing a THC level of less than 0.2 % (a lower rate than that imposed by other countries). Our hemp crops are grown without pesticides and irrigation.

In Aube and neighboring departments, hemp is grown for both seed and straw, which ensures economic stability and sustainability for the farmers.

The way that the harvest is organized means that we can optimally control the quality of the supplies;

We select the best contractors to ensure that the seeds have the best conditions for drying, cleaning and storage.
We supervise the quality from the field to the customer.
Our seeds can be contracted before or after harvesting.
Shipments are flexible and can be arranged throughout the year.
The seed is harvested at full maturity and in the best weather conditions by our producers. They know that their production will be paid according to the quality (humidity, impurities and proportion of immature seeds). By using efficient equipment, from the delivery, analyses (oleic acidity, peroxide value, humidity, impurity ratios) are carried out on each batch, which allows them to be sent:

Either to the bird or fishing industry
Or to the Human Food industry (conventional and biological seeds)

Our hemp and the food industry