Our hemp in the cosmetics industry

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Our hemp in the cosmetics industry


cosmetique-le-chanvreToday, LA CHANVRIÈRE is the preferred supplier of the global leader in the Beauty industry, and this is partly because hemp seed fulfils all of its functions in this product line. Not only that, but our values match those of this large group:

  • Ethical commitment,
  • Socially responsible purchasing,
  • Mobilization for the environment.


Le chanvre en France : Culture-Récolte-ApplicationsApart from this supplier approval process, our customers are grateful for:

  • The QUALITY of our seeds from which they can extract the highest quality oil at the first pressing process.
  • The SUSTAINABILITY of LA CHANVRIERE which is proved by the guaranteed supply over the long term.
  • The REGULARITY in the stable characteristics of our seeds required for the formulas in their finished products.

This recognition crowns the efforts made by LA CHANVRIERE farmers from sowing to harvesting.

  • Using certified seeds regarding the THC content.
  • A crop without pesticides or irrigation.
  • Careful monitoring plots throughout the plant growth cycle,
  • Harvesting seeds when fully mature,
  • Control of the physicochemical characteristics of seeds
  • Batch identification
  • Controlling cleaning, drying and storage conditions

Seed analysis monitoring during storage and before delivery.



Our customers’ specifications naturally become LA CHANVRIERE specifications.




If hemp oil is recognized by users as a single source of polyunsaturated fatty acid, Omega 3 and 6, vitamin E and essential amino acids, which protect and regenerate skin cells, maybe other molecules can be extracted from this oil fraction.

LA CHANVRIERE carries out research to provide new solutions to the Cosmetic, Green Chemistry and Pharmacology industries.

LA CHANVRIERE closely monitors the development of Cannabidoil in countries where it is authorized.