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Our hemp in the garden


With the ban on using pesticides, collectivities and individuals are now turning to Sustainable Development. And what is more natural than using hemp in the garden or parks.

Since the year 2000, LA CHANVRIÈRE has been a pioneer in marketing its hemp shiv as a ground mulching product, meeting the interest of professionals anxious to find a sustainable alternative to chemicals.

paillage-chanvreLCDA-32-Chenevotte-MaitrePROMULCH is recognized for:

  • Its light color
  • Its low moisture content (no mold or odors in use)
  • Its year-long availability
  • Its granulometry suitable for sloping ground and easy application
  • Its retention and absorption capabilities (water economy)
  • No seeds (harvested separately by our farmers)
  • Its neutral pH (does not add acid to the soil)
  • Its durability (depending on thickness)
  • Its suitability to annual flowering plants, perennial plantations or shrubs

The PROMULCH characteristics are obtained from the hemp cultivation by LA CHANVRIÈRE farmers who pay special attention to harvesting conditions and storage under shelter for their straw. Then the processing of this raw material with up-to-date equipment can obtain the ideal final product and ensure that LA CHANVRIÈRE’s customers have our benchmark quality.




Several manufacturers also use the fibers of LA CHANVRIÈRE to make felt which figures in their development of mulching products, particularly on roadsides against weed invasion. LA CHANVRIÈRE guarantees them suitable fibers to meet their specifications, particularly with a very low residual hemp shives ratio, preventing problems with needlepunched production. These felts, supplied mostly in rolls, are an excellent alternative to less environmental-friendly plastic mulching.