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Our hemp in the building industry


Naturally hemp is known and recognized for its use in the building industry, but few people know that hemp mortar was created in Aube in the late 1980s.



DR La Chanvrière


LA CHANVRIERE is already a supplier to the main lime producer companies and these companies are selling hemp with their lime, so LA CHANVRIERE decided in 2010 to market hempshives under the KANABAT brand. Validated with most lime-based binders in terms of performance required by the Professional Rules of building with hemp concrete, KANABAT has the label “GRANULAT CHANVRE BÂTIMENT” (HEMP BUILDING GRANULATE) guaranteeing its user as to its compliance with the specifications on the label.


  • Light color,
  • Controlled granulometry,
  • Reduced dust level,
  • Optimal moisture content,
  • Constant bulk density.
  • Continuous internal and external controls to ensure reliability.


Using hemp concrete or hemp mortar with KANABAT must be done in compliance with the recommendations of the binder manufacturers.

Usage varies according to the lime used and the application (wall, slab, roof and render). KANABAT can be used for manually applied hemp concretes (formwork) or with a render gun: the granulate size is suitable for both types of application. Using KANABAT (or any other hemp shiv in its raw state) in its dry state by pouring between the walls or joists is not recommended.





Le chanvre en France : Culture-Récolte-Applications


Parallel to developing hemp shiv in mortars and hemp concretes LA CHANVRIÈRE is the source for manufacturing insulation products from its fibers, which has currently caught the attention of industry leaders.

To meet this market’s requirements, LA CHANVRIÈRE’s farmers have adapted their cultivating methods to produce hemp straw suitable for their specific defibering process.

The processing plant in Bar sur Aube is equipped with a finishing line so the fibers satisfy the specifications of its customers: color, fineness, length, moisture content, impurity ratios, as there are many criteria that are subject to continuous quality controls.

Used by several European manufacturers, LA CHANVRIÈRE’s fibers are now included in the development of several types of insulation, in rolls or semi-rigid panels.

They are also used in sound insulation felts installed under floors. Most of LA CHANVRIÈRE’s customers have annual contracts to ensure a quality supply throughout the year according to their requirements.




Our customers’ specifications are LA CHANVRIERE specifications.