Our hemp in the food industry

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Our hemp in the food industry





Our crops come from hemp seed listed in the European certified seed catalogue, guaranteeing a THC level of less than 0.2 % (a lower rate than that imposed by other countries). Our hemp crops are grown without pesticides and irrigation. The seed is harvested at full maturity and in the best weather conditions by our producers. They know that their production will be paid according to the quality (humidity, impurities and proportion of immature seeds). By using efficient equipment, from delivery, the analyses (oleic acidity, peroxide value, humidity, impurity ratios) are carried out on each batch, which means that it can be sent to the human or animal food industries (bird and fishing sectors).









European consumption of hemp seed is increasing due to the success in North America and Asia of hemp oil, hulled seeds, proteins, flour and other food supplements (Omega 3, Omega 6, Vitamin E and amino acids).

LA CHANVRIERE organizes controls to meet the specifications of its customers:

  • Use of certified seeds,
  • Careful monitoring plots throughout the plant growth cycle,
  • Harvesting seeds when fully mature,
  • Control of the physicochemical characteristics of seeds
  • Batch identification,
  • Optimal cleaning and drying conditions,
  • Control of storage conditions,
  • Monitoring quality throughout the storage period,
  • Seed analysis before delivery.









This is historically the number one commercial outlet for LA CHANVRIERE’s hemp seed, which is used by mixing with other seeds for free-range or caged birds. Hemp seeds provide protein, amino acids and vitamins.

Hemp seeds from La Chanvrière are well known for:

  • Batch quality and homogeneity
  • Compliance with European regulations by using certified seeds
  • The capability to make regular deliveries throughout the year.


30 to 50% of the seeds sold in Europe are from La Chanvrière, making it the benchmark supplier.